Famous Telecom Company ZTE's US Legislator Removed

Chinese telecom company ZTE paid $ 400 million, the last article, to "lift freedom" to abolish the US-wide trade ban threatening the whole company.

The US government ordered the US government to pay 400 million dollars for possible future violations

Due to the embargo, the company could not buy the core components from companies such as Qualcomm and Bradcom, and because of this, nearly halted all of its main operations to the brink of bankruptcy, the company had gone through a drastic change even in the management of the company for the removal of the embargo.


            ZTE Modifies the Executive Board to Kill the American Embargo

The embargo imposed on ZTE came on the heels of the company's sale of equipment produced by American technology to Iran and Korea. The embargo has begun to be applied to the company, which can not punish all of its employees involved in these events. With the tweets that Donald Trump threw backwards to support the company, there was hope again for them and they finally came to this point.

ZTE, the fourth largest company in the US phone market, comes forward with affordable phones.

The source of this embargo will show the time that they will return to their old days.