Farm Bank's Tosunu tries to defraud Argentina

Mehmet Aydın, who fled people with the Farm Bank and fled abroad, also appeared to have a plan to defeat Argentina

. Farm Bank's owners Mehmet Aydin had fled abroad as a result of the Farm Bank events, which had cheated people and removed large sums of money. The statements of 19 Umeyr Karakoç İLİ, the Social Media Officer of 2 Umeyr Karakoç 45, were captured last week.


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In June 2017, he moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil and from there to Uruguay and they stayed in Uruguay for a week. Umeyr Karakoç, "Mehmet Aydin had previously the aim of establishing a Fame Game gaming company in Argentina. There was even a rented house and vehicle in Argentina. Everything was ready," he said.

They tried to drive from Uruguay by car, but they could not pass because the vehicle's documents were not complete. Mehmet Aydın and his team from Uruguay crossed into Argentina by taxi and stayed at Shareton Hotel in Boenes Aires. Mehmet Aydın was sick for 2 days. After 2 days of rest, he went to the Turkish Consulate but Mehmet Aydın couldn't get the documents he wanted and the transactions could not be made. Mehmet Aydin and his team turned flown to Turkey.


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as Mehmet Aydin, Turkey, Argentina is in the same logic to handle these reasons the game was put on a shelf. Umeyr Karakoç; He said that the same system would be installed in Dubai, the game would be played online, the breakfast rooms would be opened but this plan did not go well and therefore did not happen.