Fascinating Astronomy Photos Stamped to 2018

Our space explorations are accelerating with every passing year. The new satellites are being sent, the satellites being sent arrive at their destination.

Among these data are information that will enable us to make our scientific theories more accurate, as well as magnificent photographs that give our eyes a feast.

Here are some of the most impressive space photographs of the year 2018:

1. Saturn (Photographer: Avani Soares)

2. Sunbeam AR 2665 (Photographer: Łukasz Sujka)

3. Aurora (Photographer: Michael Zavyalov)

4. The Milky Way from Cable Bay (Photographer: Mark Gee)

5. Milky Way Galaxy (Photographer: Brandon Yoshizawa)

6. Colored Moon (Photographer: Nicolas Lefaudeux)

7. Moon in daylight (Photographer: Helen Schofield)

8. Sky from the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier in Iceland (Photographer: Dave Brosha)

9. During the Solar Eclipse Moon (Photographer: Peter Ward)

10. Aurora (Photographer: Paul Wilson)

11. Milky Way from Badlands National Park (Photographer: Jingpeng Liu)

12. Moon (Photographer: Casper Kentish)

13. Samanyolu from the Tre Crime region of Italy (Photographer: Carlos F. Turienzo)

14. Milky Way from the Inyo National Forest (Photographer: Jez Hughes)

15. Polar Star and other stars by long exposure method (Photographer: Jake Mosher)

16. Polar lights from a cave near Lake Torneträsk in Sweden (Photographer: Arild Heitmann)

17. Sky from Iceland's Stokknes region (Photographer: Jingyi Zhang)

18. "Witch Head Nebula and Rigel" from Namibia (Photographer: Mario Cogo)

19. Eagle Nebula (Photographer: Marcel Drechsler)

20. Lightning storm with a view of the Milky Way Galaxy (Photographer: Tianyuan Xiao)






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