Fashion retailers: Zalando employees reject Zonar evaluation software

Researchers and employees criticize a personal software developed by Zalando, with which employees evaluate each other. At Zonar, managers and employees assess the strengths and weaknesses of 5,000 colleagues. Europe's largest online fashion retailer thus creates a sense of surveillance, pressure and stress, said Philipp Staab and Sascha-Christopher Geschke of the Berlin Humboldt University in a study that the Süddeutsche Zeitung is available, The billion-dollar company is thus squeezing wages and creating a climate of fear in which just temporary employees fear for their jobs.

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"Essentially, it's about permanently assessing, controlling and sanctioning employees", says the study for the union-friendly Böckler Foundation.

Employees confirm the allegations. "It's 360 degree surveillance"An employee said. "I can not just have a bad day." Months later, a situation he no longer remembers was reflected in a review. "I find Zonar impossible"said another employee. "Actually, it's Stasi methods." An executive said: "No matter how good your feedback is, the boss can interpret it as he pleases, and if he dislikes you, he disgusts you."

Zalando rejects the allegations, The Böckler study is based on merely "ten interviews with Zalando employees" and is according to the study leader in "Reach, completeness and generalizability" limited. "Zalando has approximately 14,000 employees and more than 5,000 Zonar subscribers, so the panel of participants in the study represents only 0.2 percent of the population." This study is not representative. "

The introduction and development of Zonar was co-determined by Zalando works councils.

Be with Zalando "Transparency and an open feedback culture always lived reality",

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