Fast and Furious's Tools on Sale with Auction

Automobiles used in Fast & Furious show shows, each film blockbuster, popular action film series, were sold online with auction.

Fast & Furious series, watched by millions of spectators with each film He had the show. The show, where the cars used in the live shows, were considered one of the most sensational car performances to date. The reason for our past conversation is that this groundbreaking show has been canceled due to economic problems. As such, all the cars in the show that showed exciting performances were offered for sale.


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There are some iconic cars that have been included in the films. Fast & Furious 6 series "ramp tool" is shipped from the memory of £ 10,000, the Tokyo Drift series of Nissan 350Z is starting to auction with £ 20,000. The opening price of the Lamborghini used in the eighth film is set at £ 20,000. The auction also includes a replica of Dodge Chargers, the star of the Fate of the Furious series.


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Toyota Supra, Mazda RX-7, Honda S2000, and thousands of LEDs covered with color LED Nissan Skyline GT-R many years we have admired many cars, online have taken their place in the open ejection. Of course, one thing to keep in mind is that each of these cars is specially designed for film and show scenes.

If you would like to review the cars sold at the auction, you can go to the auction page by clicking the link.


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