Fear Is A Learned Feelings Or Is It Inborn?

In this article, we are talking about a question that has been the subject of knowledge, even philosophy for years: Does fear come from birth, or is it learned afterwards?

There are some things that even a 4-5 month old baby is scared of. So, do people learn 'fear' from birth, or afterwards? Scientists say that this situation is related to the brain amigdala, the center of fear.


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Emotions are a complex issue since science emerged. Also, this complexity applies not only to feelings like love, but also to fear. Scientists have been working on rats to learn to fear that they will learn from birth or learn by fear, not from other creatures. As a result of the study, it was discovered that mice without amygdala were not afraid.

Unconscious Fear

The 'unconscious fear' phenomenon, as relevant to human evolution as possible, is the name given to the process in which a sudden stimulation of brain regions occurs.

Talamus: It decides where to send the sensory data from the sensory organs

Sensory cortex: Emotional verbal interpretations

Amigdala: Solves emotions;

Hypothalamus: The reaction of 'how to stay or to battle'

The knowledge of mental threat inherited from our ancestors in the evolutionary process can sometimes encourage us to prejudge people. For example; these blue eyes seem to be more dangerous, with these curly hair much more predatory, with people with glasses appear to be much smarter …

These prejudices or fears that enable primitive people to survive may also work at times from time to time. For example, if there are a few people who are not very much seen from behind you, then you may be afraid that you might be afraid and speed up your steps.


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In the light of this information, you will become more conscious before you lose yourself to any fear, and you will be more cautious when you encounter your mobile phone.