Features That Should Be Coming to iOS Immediately

Although Apple has brought many desired features to its devices with iOS 14, there are still some useful features that it leaves behind. Although the changes made by a company that follows a traditional line, especially Apple, with iOS 14 are eye-catching, we take a closer look at the features that Apple has left behind, which should come to iOS devices.

For years Android – iOS War, one of the most important things is that Android has more freedom and more useful features. We also know that innovations usually come from Android, and iOS then integrates them into their devices according to user feedback.

Although Apple, iOS 14 Although it started to bring many features of Android to iPhone and iPads, there are still a few useful features that overlook Apple. In this content Features that should come to iOS devices we sort it out and take a closer look at these features.

Features that should come to iOS as soon as possible:

  • Freely select the default application.
  • Split-screen feature still not available on iPhones.
  • Always on display option that comes with the system.
  • Adding multiple user accounts.
  • Key to close all apps at once.
  • A Siri that can access the Google search base.

Ability to freely choose default application:

ios features to come

Apple doesn’t get along with freedom when it comes to iOS devices. Especially iOS users were disappointed when they wanted to use their own apps for specific tasks. Although with iOS 14, Apple offers the ability to customize email and browser apps. total freedom does not mean. As a matter of fact, you can set a different default application for sending SMS even on Android devices.

When we leave the Messages app aside and go deeper, we see that we can even change the virtual assistant on Android devices. Of course, it would be absurd to expect Apple to grant such radical freedom. But at least Apple’s more default application it needs to recognize freedom.

Split screen feature still not available on iPhones:

iphone split screen

Android phones for a long time split screen Its feature can save lives when we need to do more than one thing at the same time. On the iOS side, this feature is currently only on iPads can be used. But for iPhone phones, this feature is still not activated for some reason.

While watching videos on YouTube, sending messages, taking notes, or doing a lot of work that you can think of may be important changes in the iPhone-Android conflict that will make iPhones gain plus points.

Always on display option that comes with the system:

iphone always on display

Always on displayis a useful feature that provides fast access to information often found on most Android phones. Thanks to this feature, which appears as a screen displaying limited information when the phone is in sleep mode, we can access information such as time, date, weather and notifications without waking the phone from sleep mode.

Although the Always on display feature can be activated with various applications iOS Apple devices with an operating system do not have such a feature officially. Having this feature on iPhones, which are constantly on the agenda with charging problems, can extend the charging life, even in small amounts.

Adding multiple user accounts:

ios Multiple user accounts

Another point that Android-based phones give freedom is the ability to add more than one user account to a device. Even without creating a Google account on Android phones guest account There is also a feature of using a phone. Although the guest account is a radical change for Apple, it would be a nice touch to be able to open several user accounts at the same time, especially on iPhones with storage problems.

With iOS 14 coming in 2020, Apple started making radical changes in its devices. New with highly powerful systems that Apple aims to replace the computers we use on a daily basis. wants to bring this feature to iPads is known. Who knows, maybe Apple decides to bring this feature to iPhones after iPads.

Close all applications at the same time key:

closing all apps on iphone

On Android phones, thanks to the close button for all applications, we can finish all open tasks with a single button after intensive use. But iPhone and iPads, unfortunately, that is not the case. Many applications that we use during the day and forget to close continue running in the background. When we want to close these applications, one by one hand we have to drag.

Although finger gestures can be created for closing multiple applications with the new iOS versions, the number of applications that can be closed at the same time is limited to three. Apple, on the other hand is not healthy thinks. Therefore, it seems that we will not be able to see the button to close all applications at the same time on Apple devices for a while.

A Siri that can access the Google search base:

ios 14 siri

With the new arrival iOS 14 Siri has also received many innovations and improvements. But Google Assistant and there is still a big difference between them. One of the most important points that make this difference is that the Google Assistant naturally has access to the Google database and search results.

Siri’s ability to access the Google search base could be a big step for Apple in this period when Apple is more integrated with Google and less rigid with Google services on its devices. But it seems like there is still more time for things to get to this point.


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Apple’s iOS We have come to the end of our content where we list the features that should bring to the devices. Apple has taken many important steps in terms of innovation and freedom, especially with iOS 14. Many new features that will provide more freedom on iOS devices are expected in the coming period. You can share the features you think should come to iOS with us in the comments section.