Ferrari Portofino M Concentrates Attention

Italian luxury sports car company Ferrari’s new model Portofino M offers clues on what new Ferrari cars will look like. This model also shows that the company will not change its style.

Among those who carried out promotional activities online due to the coronavirus pandemic, Italy’s ramping horse, the legendary car manufacturer Ferrari, was included. The company introduced some of its new vehicles at its event.

One of the most striking among these vehicles was the Portofino M. According to the company’s statement, the vehicle, which means the reinvention of Maranello, is traditional in terms of appearance, but it is a very innovative vehicle in terms of engine.

Entry-level Ferrari


Ferrari Portofino Mis advertised as an entry-level and travel-oriented convertible car. Of course, it’s important to note that the entry level here is the entry level for Ferrari. The vehicle, which does not change much in appearance, makes important breakthroughs in different areas.

Vehicle engine 3.9-liter twin turbocharged a V8 and can generate power ranging from 591 to 612 horsepower. Portofino MThe letter M in “means modified. The car that pays off this letter has an 8-speed gearbox. Ferrari says this is a first in GT cars and they decided to use it for maximum driving pleasure.


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Another important reason for the eight gears is to improve the fuel economy of the vehicle. Italian automaker It has recently been working to produce cars that are more suitable for future regulations but maintain their strength. It is desired to produce cars with less carbon emissions to combat global warming.

No significant change in design

portofino m


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Ferrari While renewing the front grille of the vehicle, it also made changes in the ventilation ducts. However, it is not possible to say that the vehicle has undergone a major change in general. It was also stated that the vehicle will also come with a non-convertible version.

If inside the vehicle 10.3 inch infotainment panel, Over 200 thousand dollars There are luxurious finishes to justify the price tag. Nevertheless, the Italian designers have managed to keep the feeling of spaciousness in the cockpit. Ferrari Portofino M will be on the road next year.

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