Fiat 500X 2020 Price List and Highlights

Fiat B segment with the launch Sarıkamış’ta held in late winter we had offered Turkey to 500x Fiat SUV market. We shared all the features of the Fiat 500X, which cannot be changed much in terms of design, with the current price list.

Italian giant Fiat, launched on the market With 500 series both small and economical It was appreciated by those who prefer cars. The company launched the SUV of the B segment 500X in the last months of 2019.

Within 500 series the most sporty model 500X, the new body kit, the makeup case and more than one with equipment and engine options. Fiat 500X’s design and technical features for you we examined closely.


Exterior design:

Fiat 500X

There are no obvious changes to the outlines of the new Fiat 500X. The car has only had some makeup compared to its predecessors. The car is located at the front and rear at first sight with full LED headlights draws attention. It is an inevitable fact that the car will have a better night driving feature.

The Fiat 500X is currently 3 different hardware options and the appearance of the car differs in every equipment. In fact, every hardware that it addresses different needs and we can say that the designs are determined according to these needs.

Interior design:

Fiat 500X

Vehicle in the seats fabricat the wheel leather upholstery owner. The car also has dual-zone digital air conditioning, adjustable driver’s seat and now we see in every vehicle There is a chamber armrest section.

The car can be electrically powered to make the journeys more spacious and heartwarming on the glass ceiling owner. The interior design of the car’s Sport equipment has also been changed, and unlike other packages in the car, it will reflect the sporty ambiance. darker floors, alcantara leather upholstered display screen and the edges are red there are mats.

Multimedia system:

Fiat 500X

On the Fiat 500X Uconnect 7-inch technology multimedia screen It features. This screen provides easy access for both the driver and the adjacent passenger. to analog buttons owner.

The multimedia system also allows you to easily integrate your mobile phone into the car. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto It also has software. In the steering wheel section of the car, the driver reflecting important information It has a 3.5-inch white instrument panel.


Adaptive cruise control:

Fiat 500X

No longer we are familiar with every car the cruise control system is also available on the Fiat 500X. The vehicle is also a with radar sensor and perceives the speed of vehicles on the road, in a traffic-friendly way It can be set.

Reading traffic signs and smart speed assistant:

Fiat 500X

The system inside the car, the traffic signs on the road senses and alerts the driver to the driver via the instrument panel. visually Reports. When this feature is used when the speed limiter is active, the vehicle is optional. speed traffic signs indicate can adjust to the maximum limit.

Autonomous emergency brake:

Fiat 500X

The autonomous emergency brake detects the speed of the vehicle in front and if your vehicle approaches the vehicle in front very quickly notifies the driver of the risk of collision. The driver takes note of these warnings when taking the vehicle itself per hour Speed ​​up to 7 km lowering begins braking and alert the driver both visually and audibly continues.

Lane tracking system:

Fiat 500X

Fiat 500X to detect and protect the car’s position in the lane uses a camera-based system. Vehicle without signal As soon as it overflows on the right or left lane, the Fiat 500X torque steering increases resistanceboth visually and in a way warns. Considering the accident caused by thoughtfulness, this feature of the Fiat 500X is in most cases life saving it might even be.

Blind spot warning system:

Fiat 500X

Your blind spots deadly accidents it is an inevitable fact that it can even lead. In order to prevent accidents caused by the Fiat 500X, the Fiat 500X provides the driver with gives warning from right and left mirrors.

Rear cross traffic warning system:

Fiat 500X

Owned by Fiat Rear Cross Patch Detection technology, when you go back and notice another vehicle approaching the vehicle, the driver both visually and audibly It warns.

Fiat 500X hardware packages:

500X Urban:

Fiat 500X

Fiat features both security and comfort separated by equipment In the case. Unfortunately, the security measures we have mentioned above are not found in the Urban equipment of the 500X. The fact that security features are subject to fees is a big deal for Fiat in our opinion. lack.

Urban the hardware among its features It has 16-inch alloy wheels, halogen daytime running lights, manual air conditioning, cruise control, rear parking sensor, electric parking brake and 3.5-inch display screen with USB, Bluetooth support.

500X Cross:

Fiat 500X

Unfortunately, in the Cross hardware package of 500X, the life-saving security measures we have given above no. The car’s features include 17-inch alloy wheels, digital air conditioning, reversing camera, keyless entry and start.

This equipment also includes the multimedia equipment we have given above. in addition There is also a USB port for the rear passengers. In terms of design, it gives the car an Off Road feature. Off Road bumper It features.

500X Sport:

Fiat 500X

Series of Sport equipment of the Fiat 500X richest we can say that it is one of the hardware, we have given above all features and these in addition rain and dark sensors, front parking sensors and aluminum pedal frames are available on the Fiat 500X.

In addition, 500X Sport compared to others more aggressive and sporty It has a design and the vehicle’s fenders and skirts same color owner. Another of the biggest features that makes sporty sports car is at the back presence of dual exhaust outlets.

Fiat 500X performance, engines and fuel consumption:

Fiat 500X

Fiat 500X 2020, two gasoline and one diesel including three different engine options owner. Gasoline manual engine with the lowest volume 1.0 Firefly T3 120cvIt has three cylinders and a maximum torque of 1750. 1.3 Firefly T4 150cv DCT The gasoline engine has a 4 cylinder automatic transmission and a maximum torque of 1850.

In the single diesel engine option of the car 1.6 MultiJet II 120cv DCT There is an engine. This engine has 4 cylinders and has a maximum torque of 1750. Let’s take a closer look at the fuel consumption of the engines.

1.0 Firefly T3 120cv (120hp)

Fiat 500X

  • Average (lt / 100 km): 5.4 – 5.8
  • Inner city (lt / 100 km): 6.3 – 6.8
  • Out of town (lt / 100 km): 4.7 – 5.1

1.3 Firefly T4 150cv DCT (150hp)

Fiat 500X

  • Average (lt / 100 km): 5.6 – 5.7
  • Inner city (lt / 100 km): 6.9 – 7.5
  • Out of town (lt / 100 km): 4, 9 – 5.2

1.6 MultiJet II 120cv DCT (120hp)

Fiat 500X

  • Average (lt / 100 km): 4.4 – 4.7
  • Inner city (lt / 100 km): 5.4
  • Out of town (lt / 100 km): 3.8 – 4.4

Fiat 500X 2020 prices:

Fiat 500X

  • 500X Urban 1.0 FireFly 120 HP MT 187.900 TL – 177.900 TL
  • 500X City Cross 1.6 M.Jet 120 HP DCT 232.900 TL – 207.900 TL
  • 500X Cross 1.6 M.Jet 120 HP DCT 242.900 TL – 232.900 TL
  • 500X Cross Plus 1.6 M.Jet 120 HP DCT $ 257,900 – $ 247,900
  • 500X Sport 1.3 FireFly 150 HP DCT $ 254,900 – $ 244,900

As you can see, we closely examined the new design and technical features of the Fiat 500X. In our opinion, the biggest disadvantage of the car is that security measures not standard on all hardware processing.

Considering that these kinds of security measures have started to be offered in every model as standard, Fiat seems to be lacking in this regard. You are new Fiat 500X what do you think about? Do not forget to express your opinions in the comments.