FIFA 19 Arrives in Survival and Referee Play Modes

FIFA 19, one of the most anticipated soccer games of the last days, comes with quite interesting game modes.

EA Sports continues to add new features to its FIFA 19. FIFA 19, which added survival mode and shutdown option, has managed to escape from football games we know. Of course, as we are accustomed to, you can make licensed matches in various leagues like the Champions League.

Survival mode is the kind of thing we are not used to seeing in a football game. In this mode you scored a goal when you scored a random 1 player leaves your team. So the game gets harder and harder.

When it comes to survival mode, it can not be said that the Battle Royale, the popular game mode of the last days, has come to mind, though it does not seem to be trying to score you goals. Because it is not possible to stay in FIFA's only survival mode. In this mode, the match is canceled when the team drops below 7 players as it is in regular matches.


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In addition to the survival mode, FIFA 19, another feature that emerged in the face of the hakemin can be closed. FIFA 19 has the chance to play by canceling all rules during regular games. The game, which offers an interesting experience with this mode, seems to attract a lot of interest this year. FIFA 19, which will compete closely with PES 2019, is currently available for pre-order.