Fighter Jet F-35 only has 873 software bugs

The F-35 fighter jet still suffers 13 years after the first flight. The difficulties delay the start of full production. An internal US military review found no fewer than 873 bugs in the software in November. This is little better than in September 2018. At that time there were 917 bugs.

There are also significant hardware problems. This works out loud Bloomberg from a report by the U.S. Department of Defenseto be released on Friday. Accordingly, the machine gun built inside for the US Air Force does not shoot straight, which leads to "unacceptable" accuracy. Therefore, the Air Force had to limit the use of the machine gun.

In addition, the rifle casings tear. The same applies to structurally important components of the aircraft, which also applies to the version delivered to the U.S. Navy. Of the long list of shortcomings, 13 fall into the most pressing category. These problems endanger the safety or operational capability of the war device.

In general, the plane is unreliable. Supplier Lockheed Martin has opposite Bloomberg stresses that the F-35 is getting better and is the "deadliest fighter jet in the world". In addition, no other fighter plane is so strongly networked and offers pilots such a high chance of survival. Lockheed Martin says that the F-35s delivered so far are operational for at least one type of mission at 65 percent – but the US military demands 80 percent.

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The F-35 is considered the most expensive weapon in US history. So far, the Americans have paid well over $ 400 billion. This does not detract from the popularity of the F-35 among US politicians. The U.S. Parliament approves more purchases each year than the U.S. military actually requests. Almost 500 F-35s had been delivered by the end of last year, most of them to the US armed forces. There, the aircraft is used both by the Air Force, the Navy and the Navy Infantry.

By 2037, the US plans to own a total of around 2,700 F-35s, plus orders from other countries. The necessary production in quantities is delayed further. Due to the poor outcome of the review, the U.S. Department of Defense has refused to release it and has instead scheduled another investigation for next October. The USA is currently testing in simulator exercises whether and how the F-35 can withstand Russian, Chinese, North Korean and Iranian air defense systems.


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