Fiido M1 Pro for 897 euros in the test: winter, weather, e-fat bike!

The Fiido M1 Pro is a full-suspension folding e-bike from China with fat bike tires and a powerful 500 watt motor for only 897 euros. In the test, we cruise perfectly through winter, forest and weather.

In May 2020 we started our test series of folding e-bikes with the Fiido M1 test. Although it was not and still is not allowed on German roads, the response to our contribution was overwhelming. No wonder, as the Fiido M1 currently offers significantly more for less than 770 euros than you are used to from e-folding bikes approved in Germany. What we found fault with, however, was its undersized motor with 250 watts. Fiido is now changing that with the M1 Pro, which costs 897 euros, and has increased the power to 500 watts. In addition, the capacity of the already quite large battery increases. The rest seems as if the Fiido M1 Pro fell directly from the same factory line as the quasi-predecessor Fiido M1, which in turn is very much based on the better, but also more expensive, foldable e-fat bike Mate X (test report).

The Fiido M1 Pro also has a huge disadvantage of the Fiido M1: It is not allowed on German roads. Fortunately, thanks to the front and rear suspension and the 4 inch thick tires, you can leave them. If, for very reasonable reasons, you would prefer to use a legal variant, we recommend our comparison test: Nine e-folding bikes from 500 to 3000 euros. More on the subject in our detailed guide Legal or illegal? Everything about e-bikes and pedelecs.

If you don’t look very closely, the Fiido M1 Pro looks like the identical twin of the Fiido M1 (test report). This is basically good, after all, we are very impressed by the M1’s extravagant look. Despite thick weld seams, it looks clean and stable. The almost identical M1 has also proven on many tours that it can withstand a lot. The suspension of the rear wheel, which turns out to be an Achilles’ heel in some cheap fullys, has so far held up despite not being treated very gently. The rear suspension ensures a comfortable ride while driving.

The 55-centimeter suspension fork at the front can be adjusted, but it is still too hard for our “soft” rating. It also has no dampers, so you can hear it bounce back into its starting position. Nevertheless, thanks to the double suspension and the fat tires, the overall driving experience is excellent and significantly better than the also very good and significantly cheaper Fiido D4S (test report).

Fiido M1 Pro

With the battery, the Fiido M1 Pro weighs almost 30 kilograms. That’s a lot when you have to wear it. At least the folding mechanism works well. With just a few simple steps, the dimensions of the E-Fatbike can be reduced to 95 × 80 × 45 centimeters. When opened, it is still 172 centimeters long. Only the Mate X is longer in our test series (test report). Unfortunately, there is no hook like the Brompton Electric (test report) or a magnet like the Blaupunkt Fiene 500 (test report) that keeps the M1 Pro folded.

In addition to the simple bike computer that you find on almost all Fiido bikes, there is also a simple but well-functioning Schimano gearshift, light, horn and throttle on the handlebars. The front light is attached to the circuit and switches on and off with the bike. There is only one reflector for the rear. For adequate lighting, we recommend our guide: Bright bike lights for the dark season. The horn, which is not allowed in Germany, is in the front light.

The saddle can be pushed up from 80 centimeters to 105 centimeters thanks to the quick release fastener. This means that it is high enough for drivers up to a height of 190 centimeters. However, the handlebars sit quite low. It looks casual, but it’s not ergonomically perfect.

The Fiido M1 Pro is smooth as butter. In addition to the suspension, the 4-inch wide and 20-inch tires play a major role in this. Especially when they are not fully inflated, they absorb a large part of the bumps. They emit a slight hum that is so loud that some passers-by turn around curiously to see us. In general, you will also notice the extravagant design of the Fiido M1 Pro. After all, a folding e-fat bike is also a real rarity.

It works out! The dimensions of the Fiido M1 Pro decrease significantly after the wrinkles.

The 500 watt motor is attached to the axle of the rear wheel. It is twice as powerful as the engine of the predecessor and gives us a lot of push during the test. The maximum speed is limited to 25 kilometers per hour. However, this limitation can be avoided with a simple trick. Then the engine can easily accelerate up to 35 kilometers per hour, which is not allowed on German roads.

Fiido provides three levels of support for the M1 Pro. As is so often the case with inexpensive e-bikes with a rear-mounted engine, the support only starts after half a pedal rotation. The engine continues to run for about as long when you stop pedaling. It’s frustrating. More information on the subject can be found in our article E-Bike Basics: Drive, Battery, Gear Shift & Co.

It is easier to accelerate with the throttle. However, this is not allowed on German roads. If the rider pushes it down, the bike accelerates even without pedaling. The engine uses its full power, which gives the driver a good boost. The difference to the predecessor is clear.

The mechanical disc brakes at the front and rear grip very well after an initiative adjustment. The tools required for this are included with the Fiido M1 Pro. Attention: As usual with Chinese e-bikes, the left brake lever actuates the rear brake and vice versa.

The engine is significantly larger than its predecessor.

The battery has grown significantly. While the Fiido M1’s capacity is 450 watt hours, which is already very good, it now holds 614.4 watt hours. The system voltage is 48 volts. With this, we managed 55 kilometers in our test with a mixed use of pedal assistance and throttle. With the predecessor, we get around 45 kilometers with a similar use. The battery is charged after about nine hours using the power supply unit supplied.

The Fiido M1 Pro costs at Banggood (Kauflink) with the voucher code BGFDM1PCZ 896 euros. It is sent from the Czech Republic. At Geekmaxi (Kauflink) costs the M1 Pro with voucher code W9EUI8XP 960 euros, is also sent from an EU warehouse.

With the appearance of the Fiido Mi Pro, the predecessor experienced a significant drop in price, which made it much more attractive. The motor is weaker and the battery has less capacity. But it costs at Banggood (Kauflink) with voucher code BGFDM1CZ just 769 euros.

The Fiido M1 Pro is a real guarantee of fun! While the predecessor was already in a great mood to race over curbs, sticks and stones, the Fiido M1 Pro goes one better thanks to the significantly more powerful motor. The fat tires, the stable workmanship and the front and rear suspension play a major role in this. Nevertheless, despite the tempting price-performance ratio, one should refrain from buying in Germany. Anyone caught by the police with the Fiido Mi Pro or involved in an accident risks severe fines.

Anyone who is not deterred by this or who only drives on private property receives a fantastic folding e-bike at a bargain price with massive fun potential and a martial, ingenious appearance. You don’t necessarily have to go for the Pro version. The Fiido M1 (review) is also a lot of fun and currently costs a lot less at 769 euros. Caution: Those who are interested should not take too much time. When we reported on the Fiido M1 in May, it was sold out a few days later.

If you prefer to use a legal variant, we recommend our comparison test: Nine e-folding bikes from 500 to 3000 euros. More on the subject in our detailed guide Legal or illegal? Everything about e-bikes and pedelecs.