Finally, the secret behind the Egyptian Pyramids was resolved

The Pyramids of Egypt, which we all know, are inspiring us with their majestic appearance and majestic stones. How were these pyramids, which were still the construction force, made in the circumstances at that time?

The Egyptian Pyramids, which are subject to long research and protect the mystery, are certainly among the masterpieces of the period. This work, which is still attracted by millions of tourists, attracts us when the conditions of time are taken into consideration.

Obviously there was no logical way to remove 170,000 tons of rocks during the Ancient Egyptian period.

The archaeologists, who handled Konuyu thoroughly, ran the secret behind the Great Pirami of Giza, 4000 years after its construction. The Egyptian Pyramids were the center of great mystery about the construction process and its aftermath. Speaking on the subject, historians argue that in the period they built these slave armies and used boats as vehicles. Whatever the method, whatever the artifacts are, it is located within the Seven Wonders of the World, and the rocks used are eight miles from Giza.

Even if waterways were built at the edge of the pyramids as the historians advocated, it was very difficult to create pyramids. On the other hand, the situation was so intriguing that Pierre Tallet did not spend the last four years of his life as a researcher on the subject.


            Archaeologists have found the Bishop of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius in Egypt

The end of the research Tallet stated that the Egyptians used the Nile River to navigate the scraped channels and brought the lime blocks to the altar of the pyramid just outside of Cairo. The boats that the stones were carrying were interconnected by thick lines, and the ships were brought to a limestone near the rocks. Afterwards, the workers carried the stones to the building site. In this construction project, which lasted 20 years in total, 2.3 million gigantic stones were used. Although the way to bring the stones to the area has become clear, how it is stacked up still keeps its mystery.