Finding New Target Black Hole Ships In Search of Alien

A mathematician from the University of Kansas in the United States proposes to follow the ships that are powered by black holes to find aliens.

Scientists aiming to explore alien civilizations are suffering from the inability to know exactly what aliens look like.

According to the mathematician Louis Crane of the University of Kansas, the gamma oscillations need to be controlled to track down aliens

According to the new article of the mathematician, an alien civilization that is sufficiently developed moves the spaceships. to produce small black holes using spacecraft. The traces left behind by these vehicles, which use the radiation emitted from the black hole as a fuel, may be marked as gamma radiation.


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The current mathematician, who claims that the current gamma telescopes are of sufficient capacity, says that these gamma emissions will be very different.

Crane also believes that astronomers have already seen gamma rays that e have no natural explanation Araştırma

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The world's resources to create such a black hole in the engine that collects energy collecting him, said the researcher, a civilization that can do it should be developed quite advanced. According to Crane, it is necessary to dominate the entire Solar System in order to obtain enough resources.