FINRA wanted to inform the firm about crypto activities

FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) has a request for information on crypto-money activities by members of the self-regulatory bodies responsible for US brokerage houses and stock exchanges.

In a notice issued on Friday, the organization considers that crypto assets or digital currencies

FINRA disclosure

Established in 2007 for the purpose of consolidation of other existing industrial establishments, FINRA maintained the prudent approach to the crypto industry as follows:

Digital assets The market has grown considerably and is increasingly interested in retail investors.

In favor of all members of the relevant FINRA and the SEC rules, any firm may be required to deal with crypto-currency assets, including securities and other securities, including securities and other platforms, as well as fraud and other securities law violations,

Regulatory landscaping

This last warning has only been one of the many statements made in recent months to acknowledge the tremendous growth of the industry from regulatory agencies,

At the end of June, the Bank of England Prudential Regulatory Authority issued a letter warning banks, insurance companies and investment companies of risks associated with cryptographic assets.

Crypto UK, the regulatory body of the UK crypto industry, was in the following explanations, responding to the letter and encouraging a clear dialogue between the industry itself and the regulators:

It would be interesting to see that the US industry can have a similar relationship with the world's largest crypto economy You can track from our account, From our account, From our account From our account and Twitter from our account.


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