Firefox Launches Voice Control Plugin

Firefox has introduced a new plug-in for a limited time, which provides total voice control over the browser. Firefox Voice plug-in for your desktop web browser, you almost have a voice assistant.

Mozilla is an experimental feature that lets you control your browser using voice commands Firefox Voicepublished. Firefox Voice can detect native speech and do more than control web sites with voice commands, and it's like an assistant to your browser.

Firefox's new feature offers the ability to use many features in the browser by voice. Once installed, you can ask the plugin to open websites, switch to another tab, take a screenshot of the page, and more. You can start Firefox Voice by clicking the plug-in button or by keyboard shortcut. Firefox Voice also natural language He understands. So you are not only connected to specific commands.

mozilla firefox voice

Firefox Voice works like Siri, Google Now or Amazon Alexa. For example, you can give commands such as 'Search Samsung Galaxy Fold reviews', 'Search for the best iPhone 11 deals' or 'Go to Webtekno'. Addition, compatible web pages can also search. For example, you can search your email in Gmail.


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Media content If you are on a site, you can use commands like 'Play', 'Pause' and 'Silent'. In addition, it can perform a wide range of browser tasks, such as assigning shortcuts to a long command, reading aloud, muting the tab, or translating for a more useful experience.

Use the browser plug-in to try Firefox Voice from here You can download. Firefox Voice, Google Cloud Speech service. So voice commands are being sent to Google. However, Mozilla says that Google does not keep records.

Learn how Firefox Voice works in the video below

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