Firefox to Break Ground in Security and Privacy

Mozilla Firefox, which provides new services to its users every day and will provide new services to its users, will prevent users from receiving and downloading the data you want with a single click in the October update.

In the recent period, especially in the face of the scandals developing under Facebook leadership, has gained as much importance. This data, which is actually accumulated to provide a better service if it is not targeted for bad purposes, may be uncomfortable for some users in the sensitive period. Mozilla, bringing a brand new breath to Firefox with Quantum Firefox, has almost reached the final stages of a highly functional developer for sensitive users.

With the new system developed, you will be able to control the sites you do not want to access your information at all with an icon that appears next to the browser bar . In addition to this practical feature, Mozilla, determined to improve users' privacy options, will present many detailed rights to its users, along with specific content blockers.


            Firefox, Possibility to Open Two Tabs Side by Side with One Window

The plugin is scheduled to be launched in conjunction with Firefox 63 in October. Looking at the improvements and improvements that have been made, it seems that Mozilla Firefox, which continues to struggle with Google Chrome and Opera, has taken a solid step forward in terms of popularity.