First Aid to be aired in 2019!

Turkey's new technologies have developed unmanned aerial vehicles Baykara Raiders tool is to begin in 2019 to serve in the sky.

We are at a time when we often refer to DRMs in domestic defense technologies. Therefore, they are produced by domestic firms in Turkey of such tools is quite important in terms of safety and cost. The first images came from the Akıncı project, which is in a progressive application and is expected to enter the skies in the first quarter of 2019.

Mr. Baykar, General Manager of Baykar Haluk Bayraktar, told the Anatolian Agency about the projects of the young engineers and developers of our country, who offered the opportunity to work in many technology fields, reminded that they operate in 5 main engineering disciplines.

19659003] The IBA, named TB2, which the company has already developed; TSK, JGK and EGM are working in the organization. Bayraktar emphasizes that we are one of the 6 countries that can produce RTAs with weapons on them.

The new raider, also known as "flying fish", is taking the security measures to the top level as a vehicle with attacking systems. Haluk Bayraktar said, "The Akinci system can reach up to 40 thousand feet of altitude, can stay in the air for 24 hours and its useful cargo carrying capacity reaches up to 350 kilograms. With these features, our war planes can carry out some missions.

Haluk Bayraktar, who said that he was inspired by fishes in his designs, said that he would be able to use the satellite, "The first prototype of the platform you are seeing will be a much more imposing stance with its wings and our goal is to carry out the first flight in the first quarter of 2019. We plan to carry out very intensive flight and ground tests throughout 2019. We aim to present this system to the service of our country in 2020. Akıncı time turbine, double-engine vehicle. " found in the description.

Akıncı is a project that will support many domestic companies operating in many fields of production such as electronic systems, radar, intelligent ammunition, turbine engines