First Comments to Riot Games' New Game 'Project A'

Riot Games announced its new game Project A in a surprising 10th year celebration in October 2019. Here, Henry Greer, a former CS: GO player who tried this game, shared his first experiences about the game.

Continuing to wreak havoc with League of Legends game Riot Gameshad a fantastic surprise that delighted FPS players over the past few months. The company is in the development phase of the 10th anniversary celebration in October 2019. Project A It announced.

Riot Games did not forget to show us a piece of the game in its announcement in October. The company featured in-game images in the announcement video and allowed us to take a look at the mechanics to be found in the game. According to many players, Riot's Project A, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and the Overwatch It would be a game that brings together.

Project A review from former professional CS: GO player:

project a

Those who have not heard of Riot Games' Project A before, are published by Riot and under our post they can watch the video. Riot Games did not release any release dates for Project A. Of course, the players are excitedly waiting for Riot's new project. Well, wouldn't we hear anything about this game until the game came out?

The latest information about Project A is not by Riot, but the former professional CS: GO player Henry from "HenryG" Greer came. Henry was invited by Riot Games to the company's European office to try Project A. He then took Riot's permission to share his views on this game.


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Henry actually made the cast in Project A comments he shared on Twitter. "Overwatch and CS: GO mix" confirmed his comment. Henry, Project A's 5 to 5, more like CS: GO 'tactical shooter' He said he had the game and that it contains character-based FPS elements like Overwatch and Apex Legends.

Henry continues his comments on Project A, To an economy system like CS: GO He shared that he had and that he could have a good time without much reliance on the skills in the game. Seeing Henry's comments, the actors also watched Riot's new project with curiosity.

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