First Information About Galaxy S10's Chip Set

At the beginning of 2019, there is a new information about the Samsung Galaxy S10 which is officially introduced and expected with great interest by Samsung lovers.

As you know, Samsung is producing new chipsets under its own name. Exynos is currently using the Exynos 9180 in Galaxy S9 models, and now plans to use a different chipset on the Galaxy S10.

Samsung will use the chipset named Exynos 9820 on its new phone, so it's on Mongoose M4 core processors He also expressed his will. The company, which stated that this sub-structure will be quite good, will remove the 7 nm FinFET production process according to what Exynos 9820 said.


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Exynos 9820, claimed to be one of the best chipsets in recent times, will also score in Geekbench's multi-core test. If we compare Apple with Samsung, the new chipset from Samsung will likely be similar to the A12 chipsets that Apple will introduce in September.