First Message in National Software: 'Hello Date An'

The first message to be received from the software developed by MilSOFT in the software sector in the national defense industry was successfully transmitted. The first message was ve Hello date moment. Link

MilSOFT has been serving the defense industry for 20 years as a company established for system integration and software development purposes. concentrates on. The work to be carried out in this area, which is important for military operations, ensures that not only verbal written orders and documents, but even images are transmitted quickly.



            National Warplane Project Süper Domestic Supercomputer i Support has arrived!

Link-M, the new software produced for this purpose, provides communication and communication independently of the Nato protocols. In this way, the software can be sold to another country without the consent of a third country. Link-M system is designed to work in harmony with domestic radio, modem and crypto systems. Although the atmospheric conditions were variable, Link-M was the first message to be successfully forwarded to a distance close to the maximum theoretical range. The first message was mes Hello date moment. Ile



            ASELSAN, for the First Time, Integrated a Domestic Mine Detection Sonar to a Mine Hunting Ship

Milsoft is able to provide the secure transmission of information between different link systems, as very few companies can do in the world. The company also serves as a sub-contractor in the Lasso Project developed for smart ammunition, cruise missiles and aerial platforms.