First Trailer by Ryan Gosling's First Man!

The first trailer of "First Man" was published, describing almost 10 years of space travel from the earliest times of our history to the first time humanity set foot on the Moon.

Man who was ruled by Damien Chazelle and who set foot on the Moon The film tells the story of Neil Armstrong's existence and will shed some light on the first years of our space journeys.

This film, which will give a different experience to those who are interested in space movies, is a film by historian James Hansen of 2005 and by Armstrong '

We first witness the launch of the Saturn V rocket in the trailer. A rocket that took 24 astronauts to the Moon right on 9 missions; He also carried Neil Armstrong, who was the first bear to the moon.

Following these scenes we see Armstrong with his wife and children, and this shows that Filmin is related to the moon journey as well as to Armstrong's private life.

As far as the fragmant is concerned,

In another scene, a fiasco in the film, a fiasco that lived on January 27, 1967, had a fire in the space vehicle during routine takeoff tests and died in three astronauts on the Apollo 1 vehicle.

In another scene, Armstrong's house burned and his children we see you stay inside. In the scene, which is also in accord with reality, two of the other boys get rid of Armstrong's diving into flames.

In another scene, there is a serious problem that our astronauts have been experiencing during their journeys.

At the end of the trailer, we are looking at our feet from within Armstrong's eyes and witnessing the final moments before taking those famous first steps.

The film, which is going to be released this fall, is getting quite positive returns with the trailer and is already looking forward to it. Here is the fragman:






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