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During the corona lockdown, video streaming services like Disney + and Netflix could hardly save themselves from new customers. Netflix alone has said it has gained 15.8 million new customers worldwide. But if you would like to sweeten the end of the day with a streaming offer in parallel or as an alternative to traditional television, you will quickly be faced with an abundance of questions that are difficult to understand: Which top series and films have Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV +, Disney +, Netflix and Sky ticket exclusive? Are there differences in image quality, and on which devices can I actually use the streaming services?

All providers allow content to be accessed either via a browser or via app for iOS / iPadOS and Apple TV. Only Apple TV + can be viewed in the TV app under macOS. All services are available on smart TVs; Apple TV + is only available on younger devices from Samsung, LG and Sony. With the exception of Cupertino’s app, everyone else runs on Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s XBox. After all, even owners of a fire stick or tablet have their rights: apart from Sky Ticket, Amazon has apps for every streaming service.

The search function works equally well for all providers. If the desired title is not available, content is offered that the search algorithm finds sufficiently similar. The watering can principle that is then mostly used – the user receives as many alternatives as possible – but only rarely helps with decision-making.

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