Flashback 2 Announced

The sequel to the remake of the platform game Flashback, which was released in 1992 and achieved great success, is coming. According to Microids’ announcement, Flashback 2 will hit the shelves in 2022, but there is no clue of what the game will look like.

A piece of news that may be of interest to players who love retro game ‘remakes’, the French developer company Microids’ten came. Company, Announced that Flashback 2 is in the development process. Flashback 2, a sequel to a remake game Scheduled to be released in 2022.

The first Flashback released as a remake, 2013 It was released in the year. With the announcement following the 8-year break, it was learned that the platform adventure will continue with a second game, and the fans of the game have already begun to wait for future news about them.

New game gospel from the series that made you forget itself twice

Orijinal Flashback, Released in 1992 for Nintendo SNES, Sega Genesis and PC. Although the sci-fi themed platform game has reached a considerable fan base, there has not been a second game for 21 years. In 2013 VectorCelldeveloped a remake game of the same name, and the game Ubisoft Distributed by. The first news from the game, which was silenced for the second time, was that a sequel game will be held.

The 2013 remake had failed

flashback 2013


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The first game in which we control an agent who discovers the existence of aliens in disguise on Earth, Sold 750 thousand copies until 1995. This number was a huge success for the game industry of that period. However, the 2013 remake did not even come close to this success. PS3, Xbox 360 and PC’ye Flashback, which came out, was forgotten with the low scores it received. Microids did not make any statements about what the new game promised. However, he stated that the exit will take place in 2022. We will see in the future whether Flashback 2 will be worthy of the original game.