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  • New clearer functions of the Flexport platform support import and export to better secure their individual supply chain challenges.
  • Five new dashboard modules support users making decisions about their shipments, such as shipments, industry news, Covid-19 updates, and a calculator for carbon emissions and tariff refunds.
  • In addition, the user interface of the Flexport platform especially optimized for mobile devices.

Make more informed supply chain decisions based on the specific challenges of your own supply chains? The digital forwarding platform Flexport now offers its almost 10,000 customers and trading partners a range of new personalization functions with which this is possible. Thanks to new functions, users can adapt the preconfigured Flexport Dashboard even more easily to the individual conditions of their supply chains.

Work processes can be completely adapted to your own needs. With a new responsive web design, Flexport customers also benefit from a further optimized, user-friendly mobile application, regardless of which device they use to access the digital carrier’s platform. So far, over 50 percent of customers have used all the functions of the 2.0 version of the Flexport platform that was published less than a year ago.

Freight forwarding platform
Flexport extends the platform by five new dashboard modules. (Image: Flexport)

Freight forwarding platform: Analysis of typical user profiles in logistics

The teams of experts for customer satisfaction and product development at Flexport surveyed hundreds of customers and trading partners in order to better understand their needs for the forwarding platform and to increase the user experience. Based on these results, the dashboard of the Flexport platform was revised so that customers can now benefit from further optimized customization and can tailor the platform to their specific requirements.

The new personalization options allow the information and data required to manage individual supply chains to be interpreted and designed with an even more focused perspective. The advantages of the new dashboard functionalities of the Flexport platform at a glance:

  • Improved user experience: By intuitively dragging and dropping the dashboard elements, Flexport customers can put together an individual dashboard to further optimize their workflows. The beta tests already showed that 70 percent of the testers are concerned with the new personalization functions and created and used their own, individual dashboards.
  • New modules: Five new dashboard modules now support Flexport customers even better in making smart decisions for their shipments: shipments, industry news, COVID-19 updates and new computers for carbon emissions and customs refunds. The Industry- and COVID-19-News modules were integrated by 64 percent of the testing customers and thus used the most frequently.
  • Optimized mobile interface: Flexport has redesigned essential components of the user interface especially for mobile devices, such as For example, the shipping schedule, a core component of the shipping list and details page.

As customer satisfaction and the fulfillment of individual customer requirements come first for Flexport, the personalization options of the forwarding platform will be continuously expanded both by teams inside and outside of Flexport.

Freight forwarding platformSource: Flexport
The mobile interface of the Flexport platform has been optimized. (Image: Flexport)

Providing current industry information and Covid-19 updates

“In the first beta tests with individual customers, we found that our new personalized dashboard functionalities were very well received,” explains Frank Te Pas, Senior Product Manager at Flexport. “For example, more than half immediately integrated our widgets for the provision of current industry information and COVID-19 updates into their individual Flexport dashboard. Our new Shipment Tag function, with which shipments can be categorized, is also used intensively: 46 percent of the suppliers with whom our beta testers work already added this day as part of their booking entries. And 70 percent of the customers involved in the test, who dealt with the new functions, immediately adopted them in their dashboard. This shows the enormous potential that the new features for the digital optimization of individual supply chains have. ”

Janis Bargsten, General Manager of Flexport Germany, explains: “Flexport has set itself the goal of making global trade simple and transparent. Thanks to the new options for personalizing our platform, customers can now use the technology advantages even more efficiently to optimize their logistical processes and procedures. The individual supply chain requirements are particularly evident under the current challenges of the Covid 19 pandemic and geopolitical uncertainties – they turn many of the usual settlement processes upside down. In order to be successful in the long term, supply chains must be designed more agile than ever to be resilient and flexible at the same time. This is exactly what we support customers with our Flexport platform. It can now be adapted even more individually to specific needs and requirements. ”

Flexport Janis Bargsten
Janis Bargsten is General Manager of Flexport Germany.

Flexport is a new generation freight forwarder and uniquely combines long-term logistics expertise, technology and infrastructure on a digital platform on which all transport data can be viewed easily and transparently at any time. In this way, complex supply chain decisions can be made quickly and easily. The company today networks over 10,000 customers and suppliers in 116 countries, including globally established brands as well as innovative start-ups. (sg)

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