For Kidney Leads Growing in Turkey

We think of "selling my kidneys" for things we can not afford to buy on normal terms, and things we can not live without. Of course, this is the job of the joke, but there was an increase in sales of kidney announced in 2017, in Turkey. Moreover, there is no joke, not just for getting new things; people want to pay their debts.

In recent years there has been a serious increase in the numbers of those who sell their mafia organs, their organ mafia and their organs. What channel are you using for these purchases? Of course internet and social media.

It is possible to access many ilana even in the search for a simple "kidney for sale" from Google. According to Sputnik News, the number of these advertisements has increased significantly in 2017. Of course, it is difficult to say anything since the year 2018 has not yet ended, and the information on this type of information has not yet been analyzed monthly and quarterly. Despite everything, the table is in the middle. There are even teenagers aged 17 among the advertisers.

The aim of people to give these ads is to be able to pay off their debts, and to pass it afterwards. Obviously we see that these citizens also share their e-mail addresses and phone numbers. They want to speed up the sales process by providing information about health conditions.

mutual agreement of all parties except their case, subject to compliance with the legislation in Turkey kidney transplant is not forbidden, especially, but it is forbidden to sell their organs. The Turkish Penal Code is being sentenced to a maximum of nine years in prison for selling the organ or buying an organ. The main problem is the illegal constructions that are accompanied by increasing demand.

Apart from illegal transactions, the amount that the ones who want to sell the kidneys according to the legislation, the amount that they expect to change between 20 thousand and 100 thousand TL. The cases where the surgeries are performed are Istanbul and Ankara. Although it is a crime to sell or to sell organ in our country, there is an increase in the number of those who want to sell organs.

Important warning from the Kidney Foundation: YOUR LIFE CAN BE LOST, YOU CAN KEEP YOURSELF

The Turkish Kidney Foundation says that those who want to sell their kidney frequently call and consult. In this regard, the foundation has also received a large number of e-mails.

The Turkish Kidney Foundation said, "In places where illegal organ transplantation is carried out without any medical certificate or licenses, medical hygiene and health rules will be inevitable and the risk of injury and death will be inevitable.You can not rescue your family or your future by selling your kidney.If you offer illegal ways,

You can lose your life or be crippled when you dream of giving a kidney and making money and closing your debts and supporting the family. "

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