Fortnite Fans Waiting For Evil Universe in Season 6

While Fortnite is approaching day by day to present Season 6 to the players, there is speculation, but there is indeed evidence behind a hypothesis.

This week's Fortnite Installation Screen was a major controversy. At first glance, Brite Bomber seemed to be touching only the purple earrings, but some careful people noticed that there was a demonic version of our hero in the cube. There is even a scary ejdarha on top of a sweet unicorn over the top of the shirt.

One of the Fortnite Fans took it too far.

Leon Hurley, from GamesRadar, said today that he had access to some of the files of Season 6, the new Fortnite costume he shared the costume of Hacivat in the traditional Turkish game Hacivat and Karagöz to attract attention. Note that this is a shadow game. Shadow?

The game is not scared for the first time. The name of the City of Tomato was changed to Tomato Temple and it seemed obvious that the environment was pessimistic.


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The Dark Universe theme seems to fit more into the new season. It seems logical for the Fortnite Universe to get into a frightful air as the Feast of the Witches approaches. We do not know if we are crawling wrong, but the new season is full of mystery.