Fortnite Mobile, 4 Months Samsung Galaxy Note 9'a Ait

Details of the deal between Epic Games and Samsung emerged. Fornite Mobile will only be available for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users for 4 months; download access will not be available on the PlayStore.

In the past few days, we have announced that Samsung has convinced Fortnite, one of the most popular games of the last century, with an interesting strategy. According to the agreement Fortnite Mobile will be able to play only the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 owners for a month, and then it will be given access to other company's android devices. The only way to be one of the first names to play Fortnite Mobile in basic sense seemed to be having Samsung Galaxy Note 9


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Today, the details of this deal have been further improved. Forticite Mobile, based on Epic Games, has been unveiled to be under Samsung protection for 4 months. The game will be available for download for the first 4 months only through Samsung's official sources. It is estimated that Fortnite is aiming to get rid of the 30% Google interruption with this move, but being supported by a single phone model for the first four months of the game is a very interesting marketing strategy.

On the other hand, with the approval of Epic Games, early Samsung Galaxy Note 9 orders have become official with the in-game currency of 15,000 V-Bucks (about $ 150). Essentially starting on August 9 and lasting for 4 months, it is possible to foresee that Fortinet Mobile will be enhanced by 3rd party software and other android users, although it will improve Samsung's hand.