Fortnite's famous meteorite Heren Kafanza can fall

After the discovery of a Fortnite player, it became clear that the mysterious objects in the sky were definitely a meteorite.

Fortnite, which is presented to the market in a rushing way and has many surprise bugs in it, yet offers a unique game action experience despite all these reasons, this time with a very interesting innovation coming; Fortnite will oil your stones!


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It is highly probable that you have noticed meteorites embellishing the skies of a game, and even for a while these stones have been interpreted as spacecraft for many social occasions. The video that will end the debate in this regard came from one of the players of Fortnite.


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According to the discovery of the player, those objects are definitely meteorites, and these meteorites can also fall on the earth from time to time. It is unfortunate that if you get hit by these meteors, it is quite possible that you are not getting damage, even if it is not clear whether it has damaged you or not.

When new sound effects in the last update to the game were checked, the possibility of such an action seemed quite high already. However, there is no clear information on how intense such an event is or whether it is a rare event. You may still want to look at the sky occasionally to experience misfortune while roaming the map, good games.