Founder of the Ethereum Foundation: The World Goes Towards Decentralized Management Systems

Joseph Lubin, founder of Ethereum Foundation who took part in a conference at Rise conference in Hong Kong that brought together industry leaders and also addressed global economic developments

Galaxy Digital Bank CEO Mike Novogratz, Crypto.Com CEO Kris Marszalek, Tenx Julian Hosp and The Wall Street Journal Jacky Wong's The panel of Lubin, who took part in a panel, took great interest.

The first important point of the panel was that one day he would not buy the money. Mike Novogratz did not think neither Bitcoin nor Ethereum would do this in the short run, responding to a very popular question in this direction. Novogratz added that these products represent a system change rather than a replacement for paper money. Novogratz stated that Bitcoin will serve as a kind of 'digital gold' as a value store, and that Ethereum will also serve as a 'fuel' for non-decentralized platforms.

Ethereum will be the only crypto commodity Lubin, co-founder of the Ethereum Foundation, said that he participated in the statement stating that he would be someone.

"We are witnessing that the nature of money has begun to change. Soon we will have 'global' peasants and there will be decentralized management models here. Here you can set your goals for your ecosystem and act on them.

Julian Hosp from TenX said that Lubin was involved in this vision, and that in the future such digital tokens would take the place of the existing systems, and that in almost every sector of the global economy (product purchase, trade

Hosp, who also pointed out that he did not participate in Novogratz, pointed out that paper money was one of the systems to be affected in the first place and stated that he thought it would be the best option for trade in the future

Lubin later stated that the tokens systems were quite unusual for the community at the moment. Although the definitions that can be used vary, the main idea that will be drawn from Lubin's speech is that cryptographic money will someday be thought of as designing society from the beginning. The last month was the Circle founding partner and CEO, who took place in Dublin Money Conf who spoke on water Jeremy Allaire, presented similar ideas with Lubin. Allaire has stated that a crypto revolution is near, and at the moment everything is at stake.