Free Alternatives to Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro, which is offered for sale by Apple in our country for 2,799 TL, encourages users interested in video editing to look for free or cheaper alternatives. In this article, we discuss some alternatives such as DaVinci Resolve, Blender, Shotcut and OpenShot.

Apple has developed Final Cut Prois recognized as one of the best in the industry for video editing for its stability and functionality. Final Cut Pro, which is frequently preferred in professional projects, is sold by Apple for 2.799 TL when we write this article. This price tag of Final Cut Pro pushes users to look for a free alternative.

On the market Final Cut ProThere are many applications that can be referred to as alternatives to. Although the stability of the alternatives is debatable, there are many options available for users who do not want to pay 2.799 TL. In this article, we will talk about 7 applications that you can use as an alternative to Final Cut Pro.

Free Alternatives of Final Cut Pro You Can Use:

  • iMovie
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Kdenlive
  • Blender
  • Shotcut
  • OpenShot
  • HitFilm Express

In the same family as Final Cut Pro, iMovie:


A relatively entry-level application that Apple offers for free on all compatible devices, iMovie allows multi-channel operation, although it is free. Especially on Mac devices, iMovie contains all the features required for a basic video editing. The biggest disadvantage of iMovie compared to Final Cut Pro is that the number of layers is insufficient for large projects.

DaVinci Resolve, whose specialty is color editing:

DaVinci Resolve

  • Developer: Blackmagic

Working online and offline, DaVinci Resolve was only for color correction when it was first released. Although it is a paid version, DaVinci Resolve, which can give what is expected for video montage in its free version, promises the best color editing options a video editing application can offer, as its main output is color editing.

One of the best options for beginners and intermediates is Kdenlive:


  • Developers: Jean-Baptiste Mardelle, Vincent Pinon, Nicolas Carion, Simon A. Eugster

Kdenlive, one of the open source and free video editing apps on our list, was launched in 2002. Kdenlive, which is not sufficient for full professional work but highly sufficient for beginner and intermediate level edits, is an application that is always open to development because it is open source. However, for users who are not concerned about being open source, the developers of the application continue to share stable versions on a regular basis.

Blender offers video editing and 3D design at the same time:


Blender, one of the most popular open source video editing applications, can run on Windows, Linux and Mac. Blender, whose main focus is on 3D modeling, offers users the video editing functionality as a plugin. Blender is highly adequate and one of the most successful free options for visual effects designers, modeling users and artists.

Shotcut for editorial video edits:


  • Developer: Dan Dennedy

Shotcut, the third open source application on our list, can run on Windows, Linux and Mac. Shotcut, one of the applications that gives the expected in multi-part and layered video editing, focuses on the relaxation of the image editing process instead of focusing on ready-made animation packages. Although it does not include the presets and packages found in other video editing applications, Shotcut is a sufficient app for editorial video editing.

OpenShot, both free and open source:


  • Developer: Jonathan thomas

Although it is free and open source, OpenShot, which has many surprising features from 3D modeling, is an application that continues to develop actively because it is open source. OpenShot, which can run smoothly on Windows, Linux and Mac, is a very functional application for editors and intermediate video editors who want to improve themselves in video editing. But when things turn pro, there may be points where OpenShot falls short.

HitFilm Express makes things easy for YouTube content creators:

HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express, which is a very good option for users who create content for YouTube, includes dozens of ready-made templates and transition effects. HitFilm Express, which can successfully blend 2D and 3D contents, can run smoothly on Windows and Mac. The most striking of the disadvantages of the application is that the format support is more limited than other applications.

In this article, some alternative and free applications to Final Cut Pro are for you. we compiled. Share your free application suggestions that can be an alternative to Final Cut Pro as a comment. don’t forget.