Free Cyber ​​Summer Camp at Boğaziçi University!

The Free Cyber ​​Security Summer Camp 18, organized by the Bosphorus University Cyber ​​Security Center (BUSIBER), will take place from July 2-7. The deadline for camping is June 17.

Bosphorus University Cyber ​​Security Center (BUSIBER) is holding a free cyber camp on July 2-7. BUSIBER Manager Assoc. Dr. Bilgin Metin spoke as follows: "We are happy to have our fourth cyber camp, we have a deadline of 17 June, we have a preliminary examination of the students who applied with an online exam on June 18. Then students take another test in the laboratory environment, "We provide three meals in our campus, and we provide accommodation for students from outside the city to university residences." We give our students a solid base by teaching them the rationale behind their widely used assault tools in cyber security training. ""

diyen Bilgin Metin, '' The students who have won the basic skills here are developing very fast, '' he said and added: '' Informatics we are aware of their ethical and legal use. " This year we have also included up-to-date information under the protection of personal data protection. Fatih Emiral, Burhanettin Özgenç and BÜSİBER are among the leading cemetery security experts in the sector.

The application deadline for Cyber ​​Security Summer Camp 18 organized by BUSIER is 17 June 2017 at 23:59. Click here to apply for a free cyber security camp.