Free Mobile RPG Giants War Published on Google Play

Giants War, available for free on Google Play, gives you the opportunity to fight against huge characters. Giants War, reminiscent of old arcade games with gameplay, seems to be of great interest in the short term.

Gamevil has released Giants War, a new mobile game, on the Google Play Store. Developed as a role-playing game, Giants War met mobile lovers on Google Play for free. You can make boss battles with 50 different huge heroes in the vote. You will be able to fight different heroes that will be able to raise the levels and properties of your heroes and suit your strategies.


The Giants War, which was published with the slogan that huge battles could be done with huge heroes, is dragging you into the battle of the giants.
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As the free gamers know on Google Play, the game is totally free, but you need to make some in-game purchases. In Giants War you can also make in-game purchases to develop and defend your base. Gamevil is one of the best-known producers of mobile gaming. Punch Hero, who had reached the number of downloads of 10 million, spoke for a long time. The Giants War has entered the industry one step ahead, with long expected to be long played by mobile gamers.

Giants War has just completed the closed beta process in North America and the full version of the game has been released. You can add Giants War free from below.