Friend 20 Meter Higher Nehire Girls Can Be Sentenced

Sometimes our behavior to have fun can cause great results.

We like a lot of jokes, but when we have close friends, we can be a bit more cruel. At its core our intention is not bad, but the result of what we do may go to worse places.

The young girl, who is standing by the river and seen to be jumping between jumps and falls on the video, is pushing her friend, who is also her age, into an amnesty. The young girl, who appears to have fallen uncontrollably down to about 20 meters, is being rushed to the end of the fracture of her 4 ribs and the puncture of her lungs. The 18-year-old friend of the young girl, who is just 16 years old and seriously damaged, is now accused by the prosecutors.


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The victim girl who spoke after the incident said, "I might have died. Perhaps there was a feeling of twitching in my friend that I felt about me. That's why he might have pushed me. "

It is not clear what kind of punishment the young girl friend of the girl, who stood there, declared that she had fainted and that she had found herself in the water when she woke up.