Frightening Change on Tether's Official Web Site

Tether known as one of the projects that marked the year 2018 in the crypto money market, has ruined its silent state for a while on March 14.

Tether, which is the largest stable koin in terms of total market volume, it is known as an indexed crypto currency. In other words, for every USDT that is technically circulated, Tether has to keep her $ 1 equivalent in a related bank.

However, the controversial project has recently made a statement on her website that US $ 1 in bank vaults for each USDT. and the company's 201 occasionally ğı third party debts and other assets could be presented as the USDT index.

It marked 2018 with the suspicion that it did not have as much US dollars as it allegedly did, and then led to the release of many stable koins. Tether can experience a much greater loss of value with this move. The company had an audit in the first quarter of 2018, but the audit company had just declared that Tether had enough dollars and no detailed information was given.

Tether's latest statement stated that he had $ 2.2 billion in the Puerto Rico-based Noble Bank. The total market volume of Tether, which is the ninth cryptocurrent currency of the press time, is $ 2.015 billion.

Tether's throne began to shake due to newly emerging and supervised stable coins, which could add more speed to events.