FRK: Fiber-optic expansion is not lacking in the money

Further taxpayers for fiberglass removal have no effect. This has Michael Theurer, Deputy FDP Group Chairman, on September 23, 2019 at the Broadband Congress of the FRK said in Leipzig. "Only 3.6 percent of the funds for the fiber optic expansion have drained, more announcements for more money bring nothing." This reminds him of Mark Twain's statement: "After we finally lost sight of the goal, we doubled our efforts",

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Germany has no problems with big goals, but with the implementation, explained Theurer. "Small Estonia is ahead of us in terms of fiber supply, Albania lies ahead of us with blanket LTE coverage, and while we still work with copper cables, the others are already traveling at the speed of light."

Money for the broadband expansion is given the low interest rate policy of the insurance companies, which would have to protect the pension. Instead of calling for state funding, these funds should be mobilized for grid expansion before credit-financed stimulus programs would be made, Theurer said.

In terms of legal implementation, small and medium-sized businesses play no role in Germany, he criticized. A medium-sized cable operator explained that he had tried to obtain state demand. "We found that it would cost us more than we deserve in the expansion." The promotion will only be picked up by the major network operators such as Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone. Companies with annual sales of less than € 100,000 are excluded from the subsidy anyway.

"Not everybody has the same chance with state programs, we do not see that"said Theurer. There should be a fair chance of granting funds and the funding programs should be simplified, "without three washing baskets full of files", Setting up a full-time job screening subsidies could not afford small businesses.