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As a B2B consultant, Dimarcon GmbH recommends a step-by-step approach to marketing strategy in order to achieve a positive ROI in acquiring new customers. The How the new customer model works can be shown using the example of the consulting company’s acquisition activities in the crisis year 2020.

Step 1: Attention and initial address in the marketing strategy

Search engine advertising (Google Ads), LinkedIn and the direct approach of carefully researched companies by telephone or post as well as via the in-house corporate publishing magazine are the first channels to attract attention. In this way, Dirmarcon was able to generate over a million customer contacts in a target group of 6,000 decision-makers for its own acquisition in 2020. ”

Step 2: Marketing strategy – interactive, digital and analog

Personal e-mails – not newsletters – with useful information for decision-makers were created and mail was sent, supplemented by personal phone calls from the salespeople. A total of 437 Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) could be generated with an investment of 183 euros per lead.

Step 3: The personal interview

Solutions to existing problems are discussed with the interested party in personal sales talks. A good third – in numbers 138 – of the MQLs processed in this way showed interest in buying and achieved the status of Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). The costs per SQL averaged 579 euros.

Step 4: With a marketing strategy to a successful conclusion

Finally, there is the opportunity to deepen solutions, offer specific suggestions and build lasting trust in potential customers. Our sales team was able to win 67 of 138 interested parties for an offer last year. Addressing the right target customers and systematically interlinking B2B marketing, SEO marketing, content marketing, advertising and cold calling via all relevant channels provide valuable preparatory work for technical sales. Due to the volume of the first order, Dimarcon GmbH was able to recoup its investments 13.7 times.

Marketing strategy Dimarcon
Daniel Rexhausen is the founder and managing director of Dimarcon GmbH.

About the author: Daniel Rexhausen, founder and managing director of Dimarcon GmbH. He enjoyed his training at the University of St. Gallen and the Julius Maximilians University of W├╝rzburg and founded the Dimarcon company in 1991. As an expert in new customer acquisition, Rexhausen appears as a speaker and guest lecturer at universities and is co-author of the book “Gutberatung”.
The consulting company specializes in lead generation and new customer acquisition in the B2B area. With constantly new methods, companies are adapting to the increasing digitization in sales and supporting companies in the mechanical engineering, plant construction, supplier, manufacturing and professional services sectors. (sg)

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