From Ryan Reynolds, Avengers Letter to Deadpool!

Deadpool, unlike any of the most popular solo superhero films of recent years, can join Marvel's other big job Avengers. On Disney's purchase of Fox on paper, this hope flourishes. Ryan Reynolds, who portrayed Deadpool, was all the way through a Twitter share.

The solo films of Disney's Avengers series and the superheroes on the sera have been in our lives for 10 years. The Avengers: Infinity War, which broke the opening record of world cinema history over the weekend we passed, was very much loved. This time, the production that surpassed the standards and stunned viewers, showed how close the Marvel face is to comic strips.

At cinematic level, Marvel still has not overcome some serious problems. Deadpool is among the movie rights of X-Men characters that Fox has been holding for many years. When we watched the first Filmin of our Flying Hero, while Fox was a separate studio, it was purchased by Disney after the movie Logan. Everyone wanted to see all Fox characters, including Deadpool and Wolverine, involved in the Avengers team.

The only actor who gave life to Deadpool was Ryan Reynolds, who shared Avengers'

"As a man who does not know when to give up, I'm glad you never did. Congratulations #Avengers "

In an article shared by Reynolds, an email with the subject of" joining the Avengers "was sent by Deadpool. Then Tony Stark (Iron Man) directly met Deadpool's proposal:


Absolutely not.

Go to Prof. Be the trouble of X.


Yours sincerely,

Tony Stark "

With this sharing Raynolds did not neglect to celebrate the box office success of Avengers' weekend. The Avengers will likely be the subject of record breaking news for the next few weeks.

There is a bit of patience for both series to be connected and for heroes to be together. Because we will close a page with the Avengers, which will be the continuation of the Infinity War which will enter the vision next year. Future films may also include X-Men characters.