From Tripod to Proper Perspective: Recording Tips for Actioncam Videos

Actioncams have long been used in all areas, from the private beach recording to professional shoots in product advertising. But the camera alone is not a guaranteed success: Some Actioncam experienced only a few sporadic missions with little inspiring results before they disappeared in the drawer – usually on the grounds that they had not kept what they promised. It does not lack the technical skills, but rather ideas, what you can do with the small camera, everything to surprise with funny or extraordinary shots the audience.

What makes shooting with the Actioncam so sexy, are the changes of perspective for the audience. Because very few of us are breakneck on high-speed on narrow paths on the way, rushing out of an airplane or complaining succumb a loop with skis on the feet. And even those who master such a thing, usually reaps little fame with a video of it: Because the video was only filmed from the first person perspective, it shows what everyone wants to see. But hardly anyone understands how spectacular the action actually shown is – without an additional shot from a different angle. How high, for example, was a jump on a mountain bike, you can hardly judge from the driver's point of view.

This allows only a second video, which provides another camera. This is enough already a smartphone whose videos can be combined well with Actioncam recordings. If you do not have a second camera at hand, you can also drive several times in the same place and each time looking for a different perspective – a diligence. But in fact, the pros do that exactly the same way when several cameras are at the start.

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