Future Prosthetic Arms and Legs

With the development of technology, many solutions have been produced for people who have lost their limbs or have missing birth limbs.

There are many different and useful prosthetic types, from the mind-controlled synthetic limbs to the legodan structures, as we have compiled prosthetic arms and legs that seem to come to you in the future. Recent interesting developments include new systems that enable you to feel and appreciate prosthesis as well as to solve and translate messages from your brain to move removable robotic prostheses. Undoubtedly, these new technologies are still in the testing phase, but it seems as if we will see completed cases in the near future. Here is the high-tech prosthesis arm and leg solutions being developed.

Mind-Controlled Arm Prosthesis

This prosthesis differs from other advanced prostheses in that it is directly controlled by the neural activity of the user. Currently, a person who has been tested on a person in Florida is a joint venture of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Brain function devices have been a major step towards restoring disease motor function.


It is stated that the project will be further developed if it successfully passes the test phase.
            Modern Prosthetic Leg Understanding with Intelligent Robotic Foot Wrist Totally Changing

Feeling Restored Arm Prosthesis

This neuroprosthesis is being developed by the Advanced Defense Research Projects Agency, DEKA University and the University of Utah to revive the feeling of amputee disease touch. It is also a prosthesis that can be controlled directly by the nervous system of the patient. Lost his arm 14 years ago, Kevin Walgamott is now testing a prosthetic arm that allows him to touch, shake hands and feel objects.

Easton LaChappelle's Arm Prosthesis

LaChappele's robotic prosthesis is highly noted for its low cost production and open source plans. A prosthetic arm with a price tag of approximately $ 4,000 is in a highly accessible position at a relatively affordable price. The robotic attachments of the prosthesis were designed in 3D and most of the designs were made public.


            18-year-old disabled young, self-made Legs prosthetic arm

Drum Playing Ability

Drummer Jason Barnes suffered serious injuries after an electrical accident six years ago. The right lower limb could not be rescued and now needed a prosthetic collar. Because of his passion for music, he needed a prosthetic arm to play drums, and he thought to develop his own robotic prosthesis. Barnes asked Gil Weinberg, a Georgia Institute of Technology professor, to help design a denture that would help him play the drums again. In addition, the prosthesis, a Kickstarter project, has completed the $ 70,000 accumulation.

High-tech Prosthetic Leg

CYBERnetic Lower-Limb Cognitive Orthopedic, or CYBERLEGS, is financed by the European Commission. The project, launched in February 2012, is managed by Nicola Vitiello from the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna BioRobotics Institute. Vitiello and his team hope to develop a way to achieve perfect mind and prosthetic communication to control the system.