G Pro X Gaming Keyboard: Logitch lets e-athletes type interchangeable keys

Logitech has unveiled new versions of its thought-out e-sports mechanical keyboard G Pro Gaming. There are two models, the more unusual is the Pro X – so with X in the name.

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The key caps made of ABS plastic can be removed with a pair of pliers so that the underlying switches can be exchanged. Supplied with three types of signalers: Clicky (blue), Linear (red) and Tactile (brown).

Of the new G-Pro keyboard (without X), there are three variants with the same keys, but they are firmly attached and can not be replaced.

Another change: The predecessor Romer-G switches were used, now Logitech built a derivative of the Cherry MX with a slightly larger hub – that's called GX.

Like the predecessor model, the new keyboards are designed to be extremely robust. For special stability provides a steel plate on the back. They feature a three-step height adjustment and a fully detachable cable system with micro USB port.

In addition, the keyboards provide customizable RGB lighting, which is controlled using the proprietary software. Profiles can be saved in the internal memory. Both versions have no number pad to save space in the suitcase and on the desk.

Artwork of the G Pro X Gaming (Image: Logitech)

The keyboards will appear during the course of October 2019. The Logitech G Pro X with the interchangeable switches is said to be available for around $ 150 only Logitech G be available directly. Replacement packs of 92 GX Clicky, Linear or Tactile switches are available there for around 50 euros. The Logitech G Pro Gaming with non-interchangeable mechanical switches costs about 130 euros, it is available at Logitech and in stores.