G Suite Provides New Alert Center for Administrators

G Suite has introduced a new beta alert center for administrators.

Security is as important as it is nowadays. G Suite proved to be the same by bringing in the "Security Key" and adding a new security center over the last few months. Google has launched a new beta alerting center that will make it easier for businesses to manage Android usage.

While Google is improving its business-focused apps for Android devices, corporate executives can now test the new alert center. The new alert center will notify you of important notices, warnings and actions in the G Suite; offering a unique and comprehensive look. These warnings come out as a list. Each icon on the list contains information about the alert that appears on the line next to it.

In this new feature of G Suite, there are 3 types of special warning types. These are: "Google Transactions", "Gmail Identity Steal and Spam", and "Mobile Device Management."

Google Transactions is the part of Google that investigates and informs privacy issues that affect G Suite services for your organization's security. Gmail Identity Theft and Spam; including the contacts and the list of affected recipients. Mobile Device Management provides information about suspicious behavior or devices that have been compromised.


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In addition to these notifications; security threats, monitoring and critical system alerts, and provides integrated solutions to the problems of the administrators. Google also makes it easier to set up for business on Android devices. When corporate devices are registered on the system, administrators have full control over which applications are installed, network settings and security options.