Galaxy A7 (2018) Certified with Bluetooth Certificate

The 2018 version of the Galaxy A7, which is one of Samsung's acclaimed models in the mid-segment and attracted attention by the 2017 version, was approved for the emergence of the Bluetooth certificate.

Samsung, which is believed to have spent all its energy on the Samsung Galaxy S10, He does not intend to give up diversity. After announcing Galaxy A8 (2018) and Galaxy A8 + (2018) in this year, it also revealed that Samsung is also working on Galaxy A7 (2018), which also describes the 2018 version of Galaxy A5.

Bluetooth SIG's official website is expected to be similar to the Galaxy A8 + (2018) as a hardware specification.


If you think that Samsung is going to bring the features that are already on the flagship to the middle segment, we may encounter surprises like four rear camera and integrated fingerprint reader.
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At the moment, there is already information about the development of the phone and everything is very new. We hope that in the near future we will have detailed information about Samsung's new mid-segment phones.