Galaxy Buds Live: Samsung Introduces Bean-Shaped Wireless Headphones

With the Galaxy Buds Live, Samsung has introduced a pair of new completely wireless earplugs. What is special is the shape of the housing: the plugs are reminiscent of beans, which should improve comfort.

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Due to the slightly curved shape, the headphones should sit better in the ear. The hold is strengthened by a silicone plug, which also shields outside noise. In addition, the earplugs have built-in noise suppression that electronically compensates for noise.

The Galaxy Buds Live no longer stand out in the ear as much as the Galaxy Buds or other completely wireless headphones. In return, they are reminiscent of older hearing aids that fill the ear opening in a similar way. A single plug is 16.5 x 27.3 x 14.9 mm and weighs 5.6 grams.

Battery life should be up to eight hours

The Galaxy Buds Live should run for 5.5 hours with the ANC and Bixby voice recognition activated. If the detection of the Bixby command is switched off, but the ANC is left on, the earplugs should run for six hours. According to Samsung, without Bixby and without ANC, they run for eight hours.

The Galaxy Buds Live are delivered in a charging case. (Image: Tobias Költzsch /

The supplied charging case also charges the plugs about three times. After five minutes of charging, an hour of music playback should be possible. The charging case can also be charged wirelessly via Qi. The case is 50 x 50.2 x 27.8 mm in size, has rounded corners and weighs 42.2 grams.

The Galaxy Buds Live will be available in bronze, white and black. The earplugs will be available in Germany for EUR 184, including reduced VAT. They are due to go on sale on August 21, 2020.

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