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Is it worth it to overclock the Raspi 4? What's new on Windows 10 1909? How is the Galaxy Fold reflected in everyday life? Three questions that the c't uplink answers!

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Few smartphones have made so much of themselves as the Samsung Galaxy Fold – for better or for worse. The first copies suffered from broken displays and destroyed hinges. Jan-Keno Janssen has been using the Fold for almost two weeks in daily use and is constantly being addressed. After all, the unfoldable giant display makes a good deal. Due to the two batteries, the Fold runs extremely long. In the uplink he tells how it beats as a smartphone in everyday life.

Microsoft has released a new version of Windows 10. With Windows 10 1909 superficially little has changed. Improved notification management here, a new search box there. The important changes are under the hood: Microsoft delivers this time not a giant update, but only a very small, because in fact all the innovations are already in the updates for 1903. What changes in the new version exactly and what Microsoft's operating system strategy looks like in the future , knows Jan Schüssler.

The Raspi 4 is fast thanks to its new CPU, but can it be even faster? We clocked the Raspberry Pi 4 B up to 2 GHz. Christof Windeck knows whether overclocking is worthwhile and explains which problems you have to deal with. The overclocking can also ensure that the Raspi is not faster, but slower. In addition, we'll show some cooling solutions and talk about the tricks that the Raspberry Pi Foundation uses to keep Raspi CPU temperature at bay.

Jan-Keno Janssen, Jan Schüssler, Merlin Schumacher and Christof Windeck

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