Galaxy Note9 Increases Apple's Value

Samsung has not been able to scare Apple investors even though it has introduced the most powerful smartphone that has ever been on the market. Even more important, Samsung investors do not seem to be impressed by Galaxy Note9

Samsung has introduced a new smartphone. Moreover, this phone is the most powerful smartphone the company has ever introduced and, by many, it is the most powerful device of the Android ecosystem. What do investors think in this situation? Do they see Galaxy Note9 as a threat to iPhone X?


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Before yesterday's launch of the Galaxy Note9, Apple's shares rose 1.6% yesterday, reaching a record high of $ 209.78 for the past 52 weeks. Half an hour before Samsung launched, Apple shares were still trading at 209.50. Immediately after we introduced the new flagship, Samsung landed at $ 208.38.

If Apple thinks the day is worth the day, we might as well accept that Galaxy Note9 does not drop Apple shares. However, the Galaxy Note9 did not cause any movement in Samsung's stock. Galaxy Note9 failed to create an enthusiasm for investors, and company stocks remained at $ 37.59.


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Galaxy Note9 was not able to excite consumers in terms of design. Although the device has stylish features, the price is $ 999, consumers are scared. We also know that Samsung is far from its target in Galaxy S9 sales despite all the campaigns. As a result, investors have a strong sense of insecurity about investing in Samsung.