Galaxy Note9 to Samsung, Galaxy Note8 to Sell More

According to a statement made by Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh, Samsung expects Galaxy Note9 sales to surpass Galaxy Note8 sales.

Some say that if Galaxy Note9 can not reach the expected sales figures, it ends the Galaxy Note series, S-Pen will add a special model supported. Also, according to another rumor, Galaxy S9 sales are not in good condition and Galaxy Note9 is not expected to be different from it.


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DJ Koh, CEO of Samsung Mobile, is just laughing at these rumors. Koh said Galaxy S9 sales were in very good condition and that Galaxy S9 had already left Galaxy S8 behind in some markets, a 6% increase compared to last year.

According to DJ Koh's statement, the Galaxy Note9, with its Bluetooth-enabled S-Pen, 4000mAh battery and variable diaphragm back camera, has won many firsts for the Galaxy Note series, according to Koh. Galaxy Note8 is going to beat the sales.


The new specs for the Galaxy Note series will come to an end.
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The fact that Galaxy S9 sales with similar features to the Galaxy Note9 are in good condition and Samsung fans are waiting for the Galaxy S10 with great curiosity, raises questions about whether Samsung can make the expected explosion in its Galaxy Note9 sales.

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