Galaxy S10's Face Recognition Easily Fooled

The new flagship of the South Korean company's face recognition screen lock can be fooled by the oldest deception methods. Samsung's new smartphone, the Galaxy S10, which was launched last month and attracted great interest, was severely discontinued with face recognition.

Lewis Hilsenteger, the owner of the Unbox Therapy channel on YouTube; He was able to fool the screen off of the Galaxy S10 with his own video on YouTube using another phone. Hilsenteger, who was very surprised and astonished, suggested that the users use fingerprints in the face of the distrust of face recognition technology.


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The Android-based YouTube channel, AndroidWorld, was able to easily override the Galaxy S10's face recognition-protected screen with just one photo. If the two videos you've seen above don't fully prove that the Galaxy S10's face recognition technology is really insecure, look at this post:

Jane Manchun Wong's brother, who runs systems vulnerabilities and confidentiality, was able to It shows to Jane. Jane's first job as a face recognition technology and access to the device to test whether the device is successful. The Galaxy S10 + perceives the two brothers' faces as exactly the same.


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Samsung has not yet received a statement on the subject. Security vulnerabilities in devices using 2-D face detection technology are nothing new. Because they cannot perceive depth, they can even think of any photo as a real person. You can also share your thoughts with us.