Galaxy S20: Samsung fan starts petition against Exynos chips

A Samsung fan is on started a petition, in which he asks the company not to install its own Exynos chipsets. The background to this is the fact that the South Korean manufacturer has been selling its top models with SoCs from Qualcomm in the USA for some years; These also show little advantages in the new Galaxy S20 series compared to the Exynos chips.

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The Snapdragon 865 is used in each of the three Galaxy S20 models in the USA, while Samsung's Exynos 990 is used in the rest of the world. Qualcomm's chipset is said to provide better benchmark results in direct comparisons.

In addition, the chipset should reduce its performance less heavily under heavy use. For example, users should notice this when playing graphically demanding games, such as a YouTube users found.

Youtuber compares both models of Samsung's Galaxy S20 Ultra

In his video, the Youtuber Mrwhostheboss compared the two models of the Galaxy S20 Ultra directly. He also found that the Snapdragon variant took slightly better pictures: In his examples, the sharpness of the Exynos model was visibly worse.

We also criticized the sharpness of the camera shots in our test of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, as well as sometimes poor image dynamics. Samsung has already released a second update for the camera software. We had the European Exynos model of the Galaxy S20 Ultra available for testing.

The initiator of the petition is asking Samsung to only install Qualcomm chipsets in the future. At the time of writing, the petition had over 16,000 signatories. It is unlikely that it will have a direct impact on Samsung; for the manufacturer, however, it is not an advertisement.

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