Game developers Crytek and Ubisoft may be victims of a ransomware gang

A group called “Egregor” claims to have copied data from the servers of the French game developer Ubisoft and the German developer Crytek. She also completely encrypted the data on Crytek’s servers with the aid of ransomware, also called Egregor.

This is what the group said to the IT news website ZDNet, to which it apparently made contact. The attackers, on the other hand, do not want the data on Ubisoft’s servers to be encrypted as a more profitable target. According to ZDNet, Egregor has started to post the data on its own leak page on the Darknet.

As Egregor stated to ZDNet, The data copied from Ubisoft is said to be the complete, soon-to-be-released game “Watchdogs: Legion” and its engine. The group threatens to release the source code piece by piece unless Ubisoft contacts them. Their motives are still unclear; however, the intention of extorting ransom seems obvious – as a typical motive for ransomware attacks.

According to its own information, ZDNet has taken a look at the folder with the previously published “booty” of the gangsters: around 20 MByte Ubisoft and 300 MByte Crytek data. The data that was copied by Crytek are (probably actually stolen) data from the everyday work of the Crytek developers, which document the development process of various games and the old social gaming network GFACE. The alleged “Watch Dogs” content from Ubisoft, on the other hand, could not have been clearly assigned to the new game and could also have come from an older Ubisoft release.

So far, neither Crytek nor Ubisoft has commented on the alleged attacks; thus it is still completely unclear whether “egregor’s” claims are true. Inquiries from heise Online in this regard have also remained unanswered so far.


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